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Groping Desperately

CNN is positively sickening to watch, right now. The shootings of various law enforcement officials and a judge by an escaped prisoner in Georgia is certainly an important story. But nothing justifies this level of fixation on a single story. It is probably not the fault of the various anchors at CNN, but I must say it is disgusting to see the squirming and groping desperately for something more to say about this story. They've given us all the news there is, so far. They have occasional nuggets of additional news, but for the most part, they are desperately trying to fill time, and some how it just doesn't seem to occur to them that there might be other stories they could cover in between new bits of news on this story and perhaps occasional recaps of the last 24 hours. I just don't see how a any group of people that call themselves a news organization can stoop to this grossly unprofessional conduct. The person deciding which stories should be covered should be fired.

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