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Getting Beyond Issues.

It's been while since I've posted to this journal. I've actually sat down to create an entry several times, but the topic is a tough one. I've been trying to think of ways to explain to moderate conservatives why we liberals have a lot to fear from the efforts of the Christian Right to shape our world to their liking. I want such an entry to be rational, respectful of moderate conservatives, and convincing to moderate conservatives. But, my experiences, so far, discussing our current political climate with the conservatives whom I actually see during the day has been frustrating. I am met with double standards for judging politicians that are disturbingly extreme. There's a kind of stubborn group-think going on among some conservatives, and I find the result of the group-think I've encountered is that I'm at a loss for ways to make my case, even online.

This is not to say that all conservatives are guilty of group-think or that liberals are immune to group-think. In fact, I found myself a bit frustrated at some liberal group-think this weekend. But in my day to day life, I encounter moderate liberals, and I have chances to reason with them I have the experience of being able to talk them into avoiding some of the less rational position attributed to liberals. I have few such experiences trying to reason with conservatives. I'm sure part of the problem is that the conservatives I know are not moderate conservatives. But still, the point is that I have few positive experiences reasoning with with conservatives about politics, and when it comes to writing arguments, I draw heavily on my experiences with my target audiences.

I think that, ultimately, we liberals have to find ways to reach out to moderate conservatives; But, for the moment, I don't know how. In any case, this is what I've been stewing on. This is why I haven't posted much. My mind has some tendency to lock onto an issue, until I sort it out. This issue has been hard to get past.


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