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I've just had a strange experience with being banned from commenting in someone's journal. I won't give the user name, but the person in question was one of the few conservatives on LJ who's ever read my journal. As I've said before, I think that maintaining an awareness of my conservative readers lends a civilizing influence to anything political that I write. Far too often, I've seen my fellow liberals simply demonize conservatives, and that's not the approach I want to take in dealing with them.

The user in question had switched her journal over to screening all comments (even from friends) in response to some provocation that I never really understood. At the time, I remember thinking that the move was a dramatic overreaction, and it's made me avoid introducing anything that might be controversial into comments in her journal. Some time ago, when I wasn't paying attention, she must have dropped me from her friends list and banned me from commenting. I discovered this, Today, while trying to respond to a question. There are times when I've been an aggressive critic of some activities in communities, but in general, I've tried to be fairly polite in other people's journals. Frankly, I'm surprise at having provoked this response from her.

In any case, it seems like it might be perceived as kind of creepy to continue reading the journal of someone who has banned me, so I have now dropped her journal from my friends list. Sometimes I just don't know what to make of people.

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