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Catching Up

I haven't posted here in a while, so I thought an update would be appropriate.

I hit a horse in November and totaled my Toyota 4runner. No one in the car was hurt, and the horse got up and ran away, afterward. I managed to slow down to about 5 miles per hour before impact, so I'm hoping the horse was okay. My 4runner was 15 years old, so it didn't take much to total it. I was almost up to 300,000 miles on it. Oh well. We've been a one car family, since then. I hope to get another car soon.

My fiance became my wife on December 20th, 2008. We've been happily married for a little more than two months, now. I'm changing my default user picture to one that includes my wife, Julie.

Those seem like the two most significant things that happened. I'm still around. Having an instant family has certainly shifted my priorities, so I'm not posting here, as often. I still try to keep up with the journals I follow, here, but any given post out there has about a 50% chance of being read, simply because I can't get online every day to catch up. Still, LiveJournal offers things I'm not eager to give up. Some of you have quite interesting things to say.

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