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Catching Up - AdrianG — LiveJournal [APOD]
February 24th, 2009
06:12 pm


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Catching Up

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Date:February 26th, 2009 02:42 am (UTC)
Thanks. I think my last post was just after we got engaged. We got married at the start of a vacation, and we did some traveling to meet various people. When I got back I put off posting an announcement, and this is the first I've actually mentioned it.

I'd like to post more things here. I still prefer a real blog to things like FaceBook, although I keep in touch with some people there who don't have blogs. But still, blogging takes more time for someone focused on wording things the right way as I am. Julie has brought two teen-aged daughters into my life, and in general, I have less time to spend on the internet than I used to.

So it's my fault, not yours. This is the first announcement.

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