AdrianG (adriang) wrote,

Homeopathic Experiment.

My wife believes in homeopathy, and I don't. I'd like to find a test that we can use to help convince one or the other of us to give ground on this difference, and I'm asking for help in devising such a test. I will be the test subject, and I want the test to get at the heart of our disagreement.

As I understand it, homeopathy is based on the premise that you can take a substance that is harmful and water it down to the point of insignificance and that this super diluted result will cause the opposite effect as the original substance. I believe this idea makes no sense, but my wife thinks (as far as I know) that it works. She also believes that if I "overdose" on some homeopathic remedies that they will cause bad side effects. I want to test that idea.

Now my wife and I are both biased on this issue, so we need to find a testing protocol that leaves us with little room to squirm out of acknowledging the results. If, for example, I find that I experience the side effects that she predicts, I will naturally look for other explanations, like perhaps I would have had that symptom, anyway. So I expect to be able to repeat the test until I'm convinced that the remedy works or until enough repeated trials fail to show results. Also, if I find that the homeopathic remedy really does contain significant quantities of an active substance, then we really won't have tested the theory I'm interested in disproving. So I want to make sure I'm really testing something watered down to insignificance.

If I turn out to be right about one substance, then I would expect her to wonder if that's an isolated case where I just don't respond normally to the specific remedy, and I'd expect her to want to try something else. I will want to cooperate with her on that.

So, can anyone who reads this help me refine the protocol on this test and help me choose substances to try? Remember I want the test to be convincing to one or the other of us.

On a final note, those who you who agree with me need to be extra careful to be polite and civil to those who believe in homeopath and comment here. I want this discussion to be welcoming to both sides of this debate. I do not want to chase of anyone who has valuable insight to offer simply because they are biased in a direction different from my bias.



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