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Go for EDL (Entry Descent and Landing) - AdrianG — LiveJournal [APOD]
January 25th, 2004
09:47 pm


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Go for EDL (Entry Descent and Landing)

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Date:February 14th, 2004 06:10 pm (UTC)


    Well, the MOLA tracks from NASA are actually coded in this horrendously complicated (to a completely [amateur] programmer - I'd only taken one introduction class to scientific computing, and I can't even remember the language I learned) file, and it was taking me like, a month just to write the program to READ the files, so I couldn't get any images.

That must have been disappointing. I have the opposite problem, I suppose. I live and breathe programming, but I don't have nearly as much time as I would like to study the various sciences that interest me. My college years gave me a good start, but I have to admit that I've forgotten an awful lot of math (although I dare say I have both forgotten and still remember far more math than most people ever learn. 8-]) and a lot of the science that my degree program covered. I suppose I'm better prepared to learn it over again, but still, my work doesn't really offer much use for all that education, and that's a bit disappointing. Sometimes I wonder if I could use my programming skills as to pry my way back into more serious sciences. I'm sure it would mean accepting a substantial pay cut, but I think I might enjoy it more.

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