AdrianG (adriang) wrote,

Back Online

I think I figured out the problem. In fact, I've spent seven hours today wasting my time trying various things to get that system working to no avail, until I finally started figuring it out about two hours ago. Unless I'm mistaken about the issue, I shouldn't be having that problem again, and I'm back to being able to receive and send email as such.

It turns out that for those of us that use Linux, there is some sort of kernel bug related to using ReiserFS on a multi-processor machine, if we are actually using an SMP kernel. The bug cause me immediate problems when I installed Suse 9.1 a week or so ago, and I contained most of the problem by telling the kernel not to use the other processor. It turns out that as long as I was using an SMP kernel, even if I told it not to use the other processor, there was still a subtle ReiserFS bug waiting to bite me. Now I am on a single processor kernel, and I seem to be able to get past that problem now.

I really hope the problem is fixed for good, now.


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