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Drop in spam? - AdrianG — LiveJournal [APOD]
August 29th, 2004
07:32 pm


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Drop in spam?

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Date:August 30th, 2004 01:32 am (UTC)
Last 30 days:

1762 emails received (i.e. made it in)
1144 emails rejected by Postfix
some very small number got by Postfix, and most of those (but not all) got snagged by Bogofilter.

Now, there was one day, Aug 15, where I bounced 300+, but most of the time I average about 30 a day, and anywhere from 20-60 legit emails.

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Date:August 30th, 2004 01:43 am (UTC)
That sounds like a large enough sample set. It'll be interesting to see if anyone else replies.


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