AdrianG (adriang) wrote,

Broken Computer, Again.

The system I use to receive email is broken again. I shut it down to add a USB2 card, and I have not been able to reboot it. It appears to be failing at a very early stage, and in particular, it seems to be having trouble running the CPU fans. I've had enough system board related trouble with this system, lately that I think I may just replace the system board, which means also replacing the CPUs and perhaps the memory. This is not what I wanted to be spending money on, this month, but I'm getting tired of working around the quirks this system has been developing over the last six years.

Anyway, this means that I will not be getting LJ notifications of replies to posts and comments, until I get that system running again.

Edit (21:30 11-03-2004): I'm back online, with a new powersupply, a new main board, and a new video card. I think the video card may have been the answer. I really didn't want to spend that much money on my computer, this month. Oh well.


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